As many of you who followed this blog know, I know longer watch Dillon full time so therefore I cannot post any updates on our times together. Though I still see him on a regular basis, he and I no longer have the “battles” or “episodes” as I previously wrote. I hope that those of you who followed this blog will go on to follow other Autism blogs and learn about other children with Autism. I’m sure one day I’ll be back taking care of him, when he is older and my parents can no longer support him. I will be sure to pick the blog up where I left off when that time comes. Again, thank you for your support while I wrote this every emotional part of my life. Until next time..

Hello World! Welcome to A Life with Autism, the published letters about a young boy with Autism, and the stories of the daily routines of him and his family. The stories told within these letters can be graphic, disheartening, triumphant, and abusive and can contain strong language and sexual descriptions. I ask that those of you who read these letters keep an open mind, and let ignorance be swept away by knowledge and empathy. What these letters hold are descriptions, stories, and the drama that are contained within the lives of those who live with someone with Autism, and the extreme situations that must be dealt with on a daily basis. It is not easy to live with someone with a mental disability, but its even harder telling the story. Therefore I’m shining a light into a world which great number of people never knew existed, many have heard about and few have witnessed.  Welcome to A Life with Autism!


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2 responses to “Home

  • Ruth

    I googled “Adult jogging stroller” and this story popped up. I am looking for a sturdy and comfortable adult stroller to take my dad on one-month walking trip around Long Island in New York. He had stroke two years ago. Can you give me any information on how to find an adult stroller? Thank you.

    • Dream0fmay

      I’m not 100% sure where we got our stroller from. It was over 6 or 7 years ago when we bought it. I think we just did some research online. Check into places that carry equipment for special needs kids and I’m sure you’ll find something!

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